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Click here to download a free evaluation copy of Bio-Loom.

BioByte's new Bio-Loom program weaves several different threads of data into a cohesive whole.

Of course, Bio-Loom still calculates hydrophobic and molecular refractivity parameters via CLOGP & CMR, calculations which have been the world standard for decades, but it now has the ability to access BioByte's entire Thor Masterfile database, which includes over 60,000 measured log P and log D values (in many solvent systems), as well as 14,000 pKas, including associated references.

The biological activity searches are now much more powerful than before. Hundreds of searchable biological activity types, both TARGETS (e.g. HmgCoA reductase inhibitors) and RESULTS (e.g. anti-hyperlipidemic) lead to thousands of active structures, many of which have been carefully studied via QSAR.

For example, say you are investigating cognition enhancers. What are the structural relationships to nootropics? Cerebral vasodilators? Anti-Alzheimers? Bio-Loom can show you.

You are also interested in the targets associated with each result. Which of the above are AcChE Inhibitors? Muscarinic Agonists? Bio-Loom can show you.

The entire QSAR Database is now available for easy and flexible searching online, accessible only through the Bio-Loom program! Click here for an introduction, which shows how one might discover valuable QSAR data on cox-2 inhibitors such as Vioxx, Celebrex, and Arcoxia, and some of the interesting questions that such data could pose for drug developers.

Download Bio-Loom today and find out how quickly your questions are answered, including some you hadn't thought to ask. You can E-mail us for a free evaluation license for both the Bio-Loom program and online database access.

Bio-Loom uses the JMEPro molecular editor, provided by Molinspiration.

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