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Fully Customizable Products & Services

In addition to our complete Bio-Loom program and internet database package, we offer the following customizable products and services:

Raw data: We are now offering the full QSAR and Master databses, or customizable portions thereof. Interested in just toxicology QSAR equations? Just the pKa data from Masterfile? LogPs measured in chloroform? We can design a package to suit your needs. We can also help you integrate our data with your existing systems.
ClogP Windows DLL: Stop settling for inferior logP calculations, and move up to the gold standard. We now offer a DLL module that can be easily linked with your in-house databases or programs, and can even be used (in some cases) in programs or data that you sell. Contact us today to discuss the details.
Command-line ClogP: Offers batch calculation and easy integration with your existing Linux or UNIX systems.
Regression services: For the first time, BioByte is offering to create QSAR equations based on your data. Put our unparalleled QSAR expertise to work for you!

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