Full Compound Details

An introduction to the Full Compound Details lookup of the Master database of chemical parameters, beginning with a Permuted Activities search.

Open Permuted Activities Window

Go to the Search menu and select Permuted Activities.

Select Activity Window

The Select Activity window will open. To select your desired activity, you can either scroll down or use the Quick Jump box (see below).

Quick Jump

Enter your desired activity type in the Quick Jump box. For this example, we are searching for cox-2 inhibitors, so we enter cox-2.

Select Compound

Click anywhere on the desired line to select that compound. For this example, we are selecting the first compound in the list.

Select Entry

Select your desired entry, then click the OK button at the top right of the screen (or hit the return key). A window will open showing all of the matches for your activity search.

Full Compound Details Search

Go to the Internet DBs menu and select Full Compound Details.

Full Compound Details Results

A browser page will open, showing all of the information available in the Master database for your selected compound.